ProMatch® FlexGlaze


Meet the new standard for glaze workability

Introducing ProMatch FlexGlaze and FlexGlaze Zero VOC
ProMatch FlexGlaze is incredibly user-friendly with amazing workability. Compared to competing products, FlexGlaze has increased open time that improves workability and allows it to stay open on large surfaces. It’s able to be topcoated quicker than industry standard products, and has the ability to uniformly blend after its original application. FlexGlaze works well over Chemcraft® clear and pigmented products and can be used under all Chemcraft technologies except Waterborne.

FlexGlaze Zero VOC has the same outstanding attributes as FlexGlaze, but with the additional benefit of being a true sustainable glaze that can be used in all North American Regions regardless of VOC limits. You owe it to your shop’s business to try these two groundbreaking products today.
Download product information sheets:
825-49XX Promatch FlexGlaze
825-48XX Promatch FlexGlaze Zero VOC

FlexGlaze Distinct Advantages Over the Competition

• Increased open time versus industry standards

• Able to be topcoated faster than industry standards - creates great flexibility in any manufacturing process - refer to the Product Information Sheet

• Can be used under all Chemcraft solvent technologies

• Ease of touch up blending helps maintain color consistency

• Shortest application time in the industry - eliminates bottlenecks in the finish room

• Zero VOCs (FlexGlaze Zero VOC)

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