ora Verde® Unico


The game has officially changed

ora Verde Unico - A revolutionary clear single component with urethane properties
What began as an initiative to provide healthier and higher performing coatings for our customers has resulted in the most exciting product to hit the market in recent memory, and the newest addition to the venerable ORA VERDE line. UNICO takes the strengths of traditional Urethanes along with the strengths of a Pre-Catalyzed lacquer, and combines them into one game-changing product. It’s low Formaldehyde and Isocyanate free making it more shop friendly. UNICO is durable and has good moisture and wear resistance. Its user friendly single-component formulation is suitable for cabinetry, furniture, millwork, recreational and building products.

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436-66XX ora Verde Unico Clear Topcoat
436-6601 ora Verde Unico Sealer

Unico Distinct Advantages Over the Competition

• Isocyanate free

• Low formaldehyde

• Urethane properties in a single component (30% solids by weight)-improves chemical resistance without having to add a conventional hardener

• Improved moisture resistance compared to a single component coating

• Excellent wear resistance - eliminates costly call-backs

• Good durability

• Has the look and feel of a hand-rubbed finish off the gun

• Improved mar resistance compared to a single component coating

• Excellent leveling

• Faster thru cure - lowers production costs increasing throughput

• Sands well after 1 hour air dry

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