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Chemcraft Pre-Catalyzed Products

One size never fits all. That’s why we offer a variety of Pre-Catalyzed finishes, all simple yet versatile. Self-seal, or use with a Chemcraft sealer. Spray straight out of the pail, or add one of our catalysts for even more resistance. Chemcraft puts you in control of your Pre-Catalyzed finishes

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AIRGUARD® Solvent Borne Topcoat

Solvent borne performance and environmental responsibility in one package! AIRGUARD is a ready-to-use, self-sealing Pre-Catalyzed lacquer that’s durable and light stable. This user-friendly product is recommended for office and household furniture, kitchen cabinets, and many other interior wood applications. AIRGUARD has improved moisture resistance, household wear and chemical resistance. When applied, it wets the wood like oil based products and enhances its natural colour and beauty. AIRGUARD lets you give your clients a product that’s healthier for indoor environments without sacrificing performance. AIRGUARD passes all KCMA finish testing.

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431-58XX Airguard Solvent Borne Pre-Cat Clear TC


OPTICLEAR gives the user options with their Pre-Catalyzed products where there were none before. This broad family of products is available essentially “to-taste”, with high solids, UV absorbers, HAPS Free, and high clarity being just some of the options. Established in the industry for many years, OPTICLEAR is the summit of the mountain when it comes to clear, Pre-Catalyzed lacquers. OPTICLEAR passes all KCMA finish testing.

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431-90XX Opticlear Pre-Cat Clear TC
431-91XX Opticlear Pre-Cat Clear TC
431-93XX Opticlear Pre-Cat Clear TC

E.S. LACQUER Topcoat

This is Chemcraft’s standard line of Pre-Catalyzed lacquers. They offer quick dry times, good feel and are very easy to use. E.S. LACQUER is available in any sheen as both a clear lacquer and pigmented finish. E.S. LACQUER passes all KCMA finish testing.

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355-3XX ES Lacquer Pre-Cat Clear TC
355-XXX ES Lacquer White Pre-Cat Pigmented TC
355-8XX ES Lacquer II Pre-Cat Clear TC
431-20XX ES Lacquer Elite Pre-Cat Clear TC


This product is fast to dry and easy to sand. It is designed as a first coat for use under both E.S. Lacquer and Opticlear products. E.S. SEALER is also available in a high solids version.

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390-001 ES Sealer II Pre-Cat Clear Sealer
390-012 ES Sealer H-S Pre-Cat Clear Sealer


(available in black, white and neutral)

Designed for solid colour systems on all types of wood substrates, this line of primers gives good build and hiding with very fast dry times. This primer can be tinted or used as supplied and is offered in a black, white or neutral base.

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254-001 ES Primer White Pre-Cat Pigmented Primer

VERSAPRIME® Pigmented Primer

(available in 275 VOC compliant)

Outstanding performance and versatility. VERSAPRIME is compatible with all Chemcraft Pre-Catalyzed and Post-Catalyzed products. This white formulated vinyl sealer is fast dry with excellent sandability and, with its very clean and bright white colour, provides superior hiding. VERSAPRIME makes an excellent choice for a tinted primer system.

Download product information sheets:
545-5119 Versaprime Pre-Cat Pigmented Primer

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