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At Chemcraft we understand that not all businesses are the same and you may need something a little different than the next guy. From performance coatings to performance thinners, Chemcraft has it all.

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Use the right tool for the right job. There are a variety of thinners and reducers available and choosing the right one will make your finish shine.

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100-119 Butyl Cellosolve
121-001 Lacquer Thinner
121-802 Slow Reducer
121-803 Fast Thinner
803-1365 EZ Thinner


PEELCOAT is a strippable spray booth coating system.

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870-1612 Peelcoat


Standard catalyst for use in all acid catalyzed systems.

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999-017 Catalyst


Unmatched gloss and hardness combined with very high film builds give Chemcraft’s RESLACK line of polyester finishes a “wet look”. Polyester primers can be used with other topcoats to achieve very high film builds.

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750-00X Reslack Polyester Clear TC
740-002 Reslack Polyester Clear Sealer
740-200 Reslack Extra White Polyester Pigmented Primer


Available in both waterborne and solvent borne 1K and 2K technologies, these finishes are designed specifically with your floors in mind.

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423-16XX Aquatec Platinum Flooring WB Clear TC

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