Polyurethane Systems


Polyurethane Systems

ICLA - A new line of polyurethanes and polyesters from Italy! ICLA, part of global AkzoNobel, is an Italian brand that represents high quality combined with the energy, competitiveness and technology that is required today’s modern market.

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Clear polyurethane sealers with very good spread and good transparency. Recommended for open grain finishing.

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110-0400 Scellant H.S. transparent
111-2200 Scellant H.S. transparent semi-tix


Clear polyurethane finish with good resistance to flow. Recommended for closed grain finishing.

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211-27XX Finition transparent PU H.S.
211-1199 Finition transparent PU Haut Lustre

ICLA Primers

White and neutral polyurethane primers with excellent hiding power and good resistance to flow.

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111-3901 Apprêt blanc PU H.S.
510-0000 Apprêt neutre

ICLA Pigmented Topcoats

White polyurethane finish with good hiding power and good surface resistance.

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210-03XX Finition au polyuréthane pigmenté
210-1299 Finition au polyuréthane pigmenté à haut lustre

ICLA Poliestere

Clear polyester sealant with good flow resistance.

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141-7300-G Scellant semi-Tix au polyester transparent

High Performance Finishing

Chemcraft’s line of two-component polyurethane products will meet and exceed even the most stringent finish performance requirements. Polyurethane systems combine formaldehyde free finishing with top-notch durability, offering the best of both worlds for high-end projects.

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The LUSTRATE line of 2K products offers high solids for outstanding build and unparalleled performance. Available in both clear and pigmented versions, LUSTRATE gives good hardness and chemical resistance in a relatively easy-to-apply formulation. LUSTRATE is available in a wide range of sheens and can be polished to a mirror-like shine.

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436-1399 LUSTRATE Finition polyuréthane haut lustre


EUROCRYL is a “water-white” acrylic polyurethane with exceptional clarity and light stability. Often used as a clearcoat over colour systems or glazes, EUROCRYL will not affect the underlying colour and will offer excellent protection for any wood substrate. The acrylic EUROCRYL Sealer can be used as a fast drying basecoat for most polyurethane systems.

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578-05XX Eurocryl U NY Low VOC & VHAPS
200-7805 Eurocryl-Seal NY


Offering great appearance in combination with great exterior durability, the D-DUR line of products is used where exposure to the elements may occur. D-DUR is available as both a clear and a pigmented system in a wide range of sheens.

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702-X010 D-Dur Blanc
703-1XXX - D-Dur Clair


ISOLANTE is the first choice for difficult substrates such as plastic laminates and exotic or oily woods. This product is generally used as a washcoat to promote adhesion and create a barrier that locks oils into the wood while keeping moisture out.

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401-0330 Isolant Sealer
420-1205 Isolant Neutre

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